Our Team



Katie Emory

Growing up in her fathers print shop, Katie had a solid foundation of traditional values, with a keen eye for identifying real

life business needs. Katie founded Square One Marketing & Design in 2009 with the idea that there is still a place for small

business. It can be said that she had enough history behind her to be ahead of her time. “It has always been my philosophy

that at the heart of every small business lies a dream, a vision, an ideal for success; and I want Square One to be the

catalyst for growth – that fuels the greater good of the community,” says Katie.

Ed Emory

Ed is our account and print specialist. He has 10 years sales experience while owning a successful small business. His self

employment has given him valuable marketing experience which has proven him to be a huge asset to Square One and

their clients. He has received degrees in welding and fabrication, HVAC and has training from top printing experts in the

digital printing industry.

Andy McGinnis

Andy is our design specialist. He joined Square One in November 2010. He holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from

Shawnee State University in southern Ohio. He came to us with great experience from designing for one of the top 100

furniture retailers in the US. His work is unique and relevant, and he continues to amaze us with fresh ideas on each project.

Candy Marthaler

Candy is our highly skilled and experienced designer from Central Minnesota. She has been with Square One for 8 years.

She specializes in logo, ad and catalog design, displaying fresh and relevant artwork that our clients have grown to expect.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors and staying fit and active.

Karen D’Amore

Karen combines energy, enthusiasm and a “can-do” spirit with a wide array of design and communications skills, working

diligently for both Square One’s clients and her fellow team members. Karen excels in the layout and design of catalogs &

flyers, logo design and business cards to name just a few. Karen graduated college with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic

Design and has worked for family-owned businesses as well as in the corporate world. She is the mama of 3 kids, a loving

wife to Nate and in her free time, enjoys baking, genealogy and doing art projects with the kids!

Jodi Miller-Smith

Jodi unites her passion for numbers, data and for people in her role at Square One. Combining these, Jodi creates both

simple and complicated pricing applications in digital formats and spreadsheets that are user-friendly and pleasing to the

eye. She works closely with the Square One team to maintain unified and consistent results for our clients. Jodi keeps her

eye on the future and takes actions to stay current without losing her down to earth values. Jodi is a grandmother of three,

mother of two and loves her family. She spends her free time cooking and playing golf or anything outdoors.